Wednesday, November 01, 2006


2004. Scorpions. Unbreakable.
The first record i loved really from Scorpions was Pure Instinct. After it, i went to embrace Love at first sting. But after the strange eye 2 eye, which i did not like it at all, they released this one. I waited until next year when i saw in ebay the japanese version, and got it.

By the way, the concert from the Unbreakable tour was incredible, i finished exhausted since the place was packed and in the middle of the summer it was all screams & sweat, with difficulties in breathing ... I guess i am getting older. :-S Anyway i managed to finish only 4 rows behind the 8th one which was where i began. Just missed comin' home and rythm of love. All the others got inside the set list :-D
New generation, love'em or leave'em, deep and dark, blood too hot, maybe i maybe you and through my eyes... (all inside except the piano ballad, which is very nice, but perhaps does not suit in a concert... ) great, another great record to my collection ... I was really a bit nervous about what could i find, but they managed to give a nice surprise, since the composition of the songs are great. Typical good scorpions stuff.

9/10 a must buy.

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