Friday, October 24, 2008

Black Ice

Black ice. I count 12 years since ballbreaker, which was the tour I went to. And I still have to get the record. Sooon ... done!!
I bought this limited edition because I believe it will be a nice collectable, no more songs, just more photos and hard covers.
Rnr train, the more i play it the more i like it.
Big jack and anything goes are the best songs to me
and I begin liking war machine and wheels. But what i feel more is that Acdc were right, the record is a one-piece of solid rnr. They never have been my favourite band, but I cant help loving them just a bit more :-)

They did not compromise selling more songs on iTunes, because they like to sell it as it is one solid piece of rnr/hard rock. And I can't help loving them more and more :-D.. Am I repeating? ;-)

9/10 nice to have