Saturday, November 25, 2006

Treasure Chest

Greatest hits from Helloween, or a nice 2cd compilation. I was after 3cd special edition ... :-( but even i caught it in ebay, the description of the item was wrong, and i only got the 2cd. The seller was honest enough and offered me a 50% refund, and that was the deal, so i was not entirely happy, but for 8$ i got a new and sealed compilation that i wanted ... Not bad, i guess. These are the deals in ebay, you can get what you did not expect, and then it is up to seller's honesty, to take responsibility of what they were offering... And this one was a nice one.

The songs: you know Keepers I & II: A tale that wasn't right, i want out, halloween, keeper of the seven keys, dr.stein, a little time, eagle fly free, future world (which was the most successful song from last year's concert), and also: perfect gentleman, power, mr. torture, ride the sky ...

The 3cd that i did not get, had more b-sides and rarities, but you know all that is worth for a collector ;-)

I will not comment the songs but just one word. If you like HM and you do not have the Keepers, go and listen to them, you will remember my 'words of wisdom' ;-)

9/10 nice to have. Quite good compilation, quite complete.

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