Sunday, November 05, 2006

Alive II

Alive II.

The biggest record live? Well for me, it has to still happen UFO's Strangers in the night in 79, which is the greatest, but Alive II is really great, great enough, and the feelin' of the songs live is terrific ...

Detroit rock city, love gun, god of thunder, beth, i stole your love, shock me, shout it out loud, makin' love, hard luck woman... not only they had a really high record to top -alive-, but they managed to do 3 more records and make another unstoppable right in the face LIVE record.
Bad tongues said it was not really live ... Well, it looks like it is live... They corrected errors, well ;-) Even better, which is the problem??
From 5 studio songs they made i really love Ace's rocket ride, the others are not bad songs, but not as special as that one.
I own the remastered version from 1997 with the 14 pages booklet. i own also the original 2LP format.
People often prefer Alive to Alive II. Well i love Alive too, but my favorite is alive two.

For kiss fans i would recomemd to take a look at Gene Simmons Family Jewels ;-)

10/10 classic status

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