Saturday, November 18, 2006

red sky

Another one from Saracen, but 22 years after...
Two classics to help the record Heroes saints and fools and horsemen of the apocalypse. these 2 songs justify enough buying this record, the 2 songs are worth enough ... well, this we knew it ;-)
What about the others?
Follow the piper was a classic from the 80s era, and it is strong enough
jekyll and hyde, we have arrived belong to Change of heart, not bad songs, but not strongs as the ones from Heroes.
Two ballads: angel eyes and faith. Really wonderful. Precious. To fall in love with. They help this record to make it.
Menage a trois, an intimate instrumental, nice again.
The other songs are not bad ones, but can't match what i am expecting from Saracen, that is, outstanding songs.
The booklet is really nice and it is what i expect from each record i buy. Also the cd is pictured. this is cool, this is what people like.

Produced by main composer & guitar Rob Bendelow, but also mention to the band.

9/10 brilliant. A must have.

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