Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Deep cuts

That is how a greatest hits should be done! This is actually a greatest ballads, and it is how they all should be.
Well, it could had 2cd with a dvd included ;-) but i guess that's out of the question.
All the biggest ballads are here: Promise her the moon, to be with you, going where the wind blows, green tinted sixties mind, just take my heart, anything for you, dancin' right into the flame, wild world, superfantastic, and all are great songs!
Where are they now is the new bonus one, and a good one really :-)
If that's what it takes, had enough, the chain, i guess they should be the deep cuts too.
The booklet is also fantastic, and lyrics are included, yeah, great too. You do not have to be strong is ok.

Some songs are rearranged, frankly they are not very different from the original, so you will not really appreciate it unless you are a die hard.

A nice record, for being in a good company.

9/10 nice to have

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