Thursday, November 09, 2006

Time tells no Lies

An impressive record, it really does not seem 26 years have already gone ...
From nwobhm roots, Troy brothers with Steve Carroll and Dave Pots entered in music history as Praying Mantis with this piece of vinyl. One only cover song from Ray Davis, and personally i think it is the worst of this record, and it is not a bad one.
But the rest are all classics: cheated -the single-, running for tomorrow, the ballad lovers to the grave, beads of ebony, rich city kinds, children of the earth are amongst the best songs, making the record an indispensable one for all of the melodic metal. It has been also called pomp rock.. Well, I can't say why ;-)
the Mantis style is mainly melodic, there are no many ballads, just one in this record, but are soul touching ones...

As every good record it is impossible to find, except in ebay, and sometimes at really high prices. at least, it is worth. It is not my all-time favourite, which is Forever in time, a truly perfect record, but it is really enjoyable if you wanna rock. I mean, for me melody & composition are indispensable, and good solos make a song to be a memorable one or not. This is only high class.

One of the best nwobhm records from all-time, that is for sure ;-)

10/10 indispensable

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