Thursday, November 02, 2006

Actual Size

I remember year '93 . Aerosmith get a grip tour brought special guests who stole the show... Not completely since Aerosmith fans are hard to beat ... ;-) ... But at the end we saw 2 great shows, which was the most important thing ... Yeahh :-D
This record was brought to me from japan from a close friend. It is the korean version and I was very happy. Wake up, shine, lost in america, one world away ... Shine was for me the song for a month, when i first heard it in 2001... shine video was interesting, since it showed the end of a band... sadly, of course ... :-( But the music was good. Maybe bump ahead was the best thing they did, and the record of the ballads which i will review another time.
The cover in their line, nice.
It is not an essential record, but as someone said, the lost a magician when Paul left, but they brought a wizard when Richie came in.

Why they parted ways? Who cares, we still have the music. I love Eric's voice :-)

7/10 nice to have

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