Sunday, November 12, 2006

Shadow of the Moon

I think it was around 97 that i heard that Ritchie Blackmore was going to do an acoustic record ... well i love Rainbow but i do not like Deep Purple -i can't help not liking Ian's voice :-S-, so when i saw a woman was singing, i said, ok, let's hear ... and the first song play minstrel play convinced me i had to get it...
Shadow of the moon, no second chances, wish you were here, proved me enough i was right! :-)
Yeah! it is not hard rock, not heavy metal ... it is folk medieval style, or something like this, but the real thing is that the songs are great
Candice night has a fantastic voice (please listen to Helloween's light the universe, where she plays a duet with Andi Deris) and composing with Ritchie, it could not went wrong.
An acoustic record, or better said, a non metal album, nor rocker, a mellower and melodic one.

It worths the listening unless you are an only die-hard metal fan, tant pis pour vous...

9/10 brilliant

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