Sunday, May 29, 2011


After the great comeback with Revelation (after the great deception with Generations), we get this new one from Journey which i was eagerly hoping for... and... really got deceived... so what i haver heard, i am thinking in NOT buying it... :-(
I heard a lot of great reviews...
Well this is not what I expect from a record teaming Schon-Cain. They are about to make greater things. Songs with punch, heartbreaking... well... they made escape, frontiers, raised on radio, arrival, trial by fire, beyond the thunder and even revelation... so that is what I am expecting from them... maybe is it too much asking?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This is gonna hurt

After several listenings I have no doubt, this will be (with Journey does not eclipse it) the record of the year. Yes, it feels, it sounds to me a Heroin II, so this is really great news. The sticky melody (& lyrics) from the title, the single lies of the beautiful people (kind of reminding the last single Life is beautiful)... the power of Live forever, the Sure feels right mid tempo, and, above all this heartbreaking Skin touching the soul deep inside... The more i listen to the songs the more I like them and i appreciate even more... A true winner

10/10 classic status