Sunday, November 05, 2006


I do not know if it is from year 83 or so, but the version i have it is from 97, and in the liner notes from Blacky Lawless, this was the original intention of the band to release this record, with animal as the first song... Also with a couple of bonus songs, special mention to stones cover version paint it black which competes closely with Glenn Tipton's version to the greatest cover of this song :-) ... In my opinion of course
wanna be somebody, on your knees, sleeping in the fire, hellion, love machine, tormentor, all belong to this debut album, and its full of raw rock in the kiss vein, i would said a little bit more aggressive... yeah... gooodd.
Strong and powerful rock songs
This package comes with a very nice booklet explaining lots of things, so this is a good way to prepare a remastered compilation, not only bonus tracks but also with nice photos & history.
Wasp is one of those records you want to hear when angry, in order to see adrenaline flowing by your veins. And my favorite Wasp song is not included in this great-song-compilation...

10/10 brilliant

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