Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get a grip

A curious limited edition. Furry cow. LTD ed. Having in mind that my aeroconcert was year 94 in the 'get a grip tour', I can be satisfied :-) I won this in ebay by 0.01 cent difference, it was a last minute winning offer :-) Living on the edge, amazing, fever, crazy, cryin', eat the rich ... Some people said that cryin' was ok and crazy sucked ... Well, i like both songs, even i can dislike one or the other but being so straight clasifying the songs into 2 sooo different styles was a bit enough for me ... If you can judge a good song by its style ... come'on! ;-)
I have to admit that i bought it because of the limited edition. I do not pretend in having THE complete collection of everything but i like to have a nice collection and i like the things to be as special as possible, since that is why i like to buy them.

The record was good enough, though i admit that is not the one that i like most from Aerosmith, but it has a handful of really great songs... why do we expect more from some groups than from others, well ... i do not know, but i am really critical with the 'great' groups (Scorpions, Priest, Aerosmith, KISS ...) since i understand that so many sells should make them realize that best songs should be their target...? even the record company send them back to studio when they realized they still had weak songs ;-)

8/10 nice to have

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