Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 Best Songs

New Songs

Girl with Golden Eyes
When we were younger

Discovering Old Songs

Everytime i die
I am not afraid
The wraigth of the rings
Chasing the dragon

2006 ...

Broken Soul
Without you
No chance to live

2005 ...

If i die tomorrow
die dead enough
king of 1000 years

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The best of both worlds (VH)

It is the same title for another compilation I have. Now this is VH turn. And in a similar case as Marillion, each world had a different singer. I am not a big fan of compilations because unless they are package-cared they normally suck, but founding this a real steal ... I said, ok!
What's in there?36 songs, 3 new ones which are forgettable, but most all of the classics in there... a few lines and covers to support it, well, not bad...
I would have included light up the sky, although I'll wait is a nice surprise ... and I miss of course mine all mine, and I would have included catherine ... wow ... i would have had better ideas for a memorable package (as time3, pandora's box, life and crimes, vagabonds-kings, warriors-angels ...) ... maybe next time...

8/10 nice to have

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Princess Alice and the broken Arrow

I waited anxious to this one after hearing 'On a storyteller's night'.
I think it reached my expectations quite good. I mean, you can never count on surpass that masterpiece...
When we were younger and you'll never sleep are instant classics, and amongst these ones, titles as dragons are real, and Your lies -which went to obsession inside my head- rocks powerfully.
Time for ballads, inside my head, and mid tempos as eyes wide open or like brothers we stand.
I would say a quite nice effort from this timeless band, and I would love to see them live ... let's cross fingers..
It brings a dvd that I still have to watch carefully. Not indispensable but you have to have it if you love great music :-)

9/10 nice to have

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hour I

i was wondering if this one could top unbreakable. and i am happy to say it is not as god, but not worse as it. so happy to have two great consecutive records from the germanics

we were born to fly, the marvelous humanity, love is war, love will keep us alive, the future never dies ... it is packed with great songs although the first one, Hour I is a bit weak for my taste

good record, strange cover, it could only be a ufo or scorpions record :-D

of course my edition is the japanese one :)

9/10 great record

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Come to the light

this is the solo record from Rob Bendelow, main guitar player and main composer from Saracen. I've never met anyomen who knew this band ... so sad. Since Heroes being one of the 5 records i would brought to an island, this one is a decent and nice record, but unfortunately it does not have the magic i was jonesing for.

just to have some enjoyable listenings but nothing extra...

7/10 nice to have

Friday, July 27, 2007


omega: the dark, the prophet, the child, shadows of the past (such a melody only found in dh!!)

hammerhead: don't cry your life away

iron maiden: piano tribute

queensryche: empire, chasing blue sky, real world
6x am: heroin diaries, life is beautiful, girl with golden eyes, tomorrow
diamond head: skin on skin, this planet and me
udo: 24x7
helloween: heaven tells no lies, fallen to pieces, as long as i fall, can do it
children of bodom: everytime i die, kissing the shadows, touch like angel of death, mask of sanity
bob catley: middle earth

rod stewart: some guys have all the luck, young turks, downtown train, have i told you lately, maggie may

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Strangers in the Night

What can you say when you are talking about the greatest live record of all time? I use to like songs in studio, since you can listen to the song at its best, but this record is incredible. The live versions here are outstanding ...
I wanted to have the lyrics -and not only has the lyrics, but the comments in the whole concert :-)) - in such a record, so I had to had the japanese version.

Yes, without a doubt the greatest record live ... however when Michael heard the version of Rock bottom he said 'poor poor rock bottom' ... well maybe the author was too exigent, to me is reaches perfection: let it roll, what a solo!!, doctor, doctor, the incredible love to love, the powerful lights out, rock bottom, out in the street, natural thing, shoot shoot, ... this natural record is really too hot to handle :-D ... a superb collection of songs ever best performed.

You do not know what you are missing if you still do not know it ... thanks again JL for bringing it to me directly from Japan :)

Classic status, beyond any classification.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Keeper of the 7 Keys (Part 1 & 2)

This is for collectors :-)
Everybody knows the Keepers, right?
This is a special japanese edition that holds both records. Hard to get, only at high prices, or buy it at Japan or have the best of the friends to bring it for you :-) . Many thanks again JL :-D
As you can see its cover it is combination of 2 covers, being the cover of part 2 the one that appears at the window behind the keeper...
Could any collector be happier :-))
I will not review this special one, because I understand there is no need, and this one will be one of the cornerstones of my collection.

These records inspired a whole generation that I could not understand in my first listenings, around 92 ... but time heals everything and my taste improved hopefully to enjoy of this master opus.

It is so nice ... :-D

Monday, July 02, 2007


Not only is in records like Middle Earth where you appreciate how good is Gary Hughes as a composer, but being also able to produce 3 impressive hymms within the 4 first songs of this record.
The one dedicated to Elvis 'the pain', to Dracula 'shelter from the night' and to Marilyn 'tender is the night'.
Not only the music is good, but with Gary Hughes you can expect nice&not-easy lyrics but always A1 :-)

These 3 songs rate the record until 9 out of 10 ... the others songs, too late, carpe diem, ... not bad, not as incredible as the others make the lasting point to rate another perfect record from the team Burns-Catley-Hughes

Great songs need great melody, great voice, great punch and great solo, and of course the glue that fits them like a glove.

10/10 excellent

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Middle Earth

Haunting record ... spectacular. Each song is tremendous ...
But truth has to be told, it is not as 'easy' as The Tower...
It was at 3rd listening that I was able to get all the power of the melodies, so I went from the nearly only song I liked The Wraith of the Rings, powerful, to understand each of them.
Marvellous choirs in The Fields That I Recall and City Walls, nice duet in Against the Wind.
I love also Stormcrow and Pilgrim and the nicest voice in Galadriel's theme ...
To finish with a rocker, this gallant band of manic strangers and the mellower fellowship.
So few records you are able to listen from the beginning until the end, but I was able to do it after a 3rd listening -as I did with Tchaikovsky 6th Symphony- and now I love it to death ;)
I have read too many bad reviews about this one ... ok, I can not help it, but forgetting this record in the shelf would be criminal ... after 3 listenings it seems i have know the songs for life
did I tell this record is based in LOTR?
Very honourable mention to Gary Hughes, great composer, and to Bob and the rest of the band for the great work.

10/10 spectacular

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Angel of Retribution

I would not have bought this one if there was not for the following things:
-It was from the Angel of Retribution Tour, and I was there ... This can not be explained but I like to have the records of the concerts I went to ... I still miss a lot :-)
-It is a special edition with a DVD with 7 songs and a Rockumentary.
-It was really cheap.

It is the come back, not really classic songs, but not bad songs:
I specially like Judas is rising, Worth fighting for and Angel.
A strangely long epic Lochness is a nice one, but strange in Judas catalogue. Hellrider is good also.

So that was the deal...

8/10 nice to have

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hollywood Vampires

Good record that I had somehow forgotten ..
It has 3 outstanding songs: Crystal eyes (I still love you), over the edge and it's over now. Absolutely classics, indispensables ...
The rest of the record is average, dirty Luv, I found you (a mellow ballad), some lie 4 for love, ...
Always lived at Guns n'Roses shadow, never enough ;-) appreciated LA Guns delivered great songs and great melodies in very good records ...
Maybe they did not have the management Guns had, or the publicity ... but they remain a cult band instead of massive
some like it ...
Tracii and Phil teamed nicely producing great songs.

8/10 great to have

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cocked and Loaded

Second record of LA Guns. Interesting? Yes! Indispensable songs: Magdalaine, never enough, wheels of fire and of course, the ballad of Jayne, the first song that made my girlfriend cry ... I specially love the first two, Magdalaine is obsessive and never enough is really catchy ... Not to mention the funny video they made, with girls in black and white from the 50s getting crazy for the band :-)

These songs justify enough a purchase if not too expensive. Also you can expect a half naked girl with a loaded gun... ouch!
Malaria, showdown, 17 crash ... good songs but not as great as the first above mentioned ...

With Hollywood Vampires the matured a bit more, but I guess, they still are a bit sleazy, and as I always say, as long as they make good songs... who cares!!

8/10 interesting to have

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Defenders of the Faith

What a monstrous achievement!
I have no words to describe it. The best is to list all the songs:

  • Freewheel Burning
  • Jawbreaker
  • Rock Hard Ride Free
  • The Sentinel
  • Love Bites
  • Eat Me Alive
  • Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
  • Night Comes Down
  • Heavy Duty
  • Defenders Of The Faith
  • Turn On Your Light
  • Heavy Duty/Defenders Of The Faith (live)

For me it was unbelievable that no song from this record went on Angel of Retribution Reunion Tour ... :-( ... maybe the sentinel is the one i like most, probably because of the duel of solos in the middle of the heavy metal future ... but any song here is a classic Priest!
As long as you like heavy metal, you'll love this one ... no doubt.
How could they forgot to add 'turn on your light' into the original release ... even the members can't understand it these days ...

Without a doubt the best Priest release.

10/10 classic status

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I am somehow obsessed by this record. Specially the 4 first songs. They are absolutely instant classics and can hear them time-after-time. Total melodic metal.
This digipack edition comes with single back to my life, a nice way to try to make metal popular.
Jorn's voice is majestic and composition -I guess by the whole group (comanded by Roland)- brilliant.
The team was fantastic and a shame they got separated to get new mk II ... alas! I had also good vibrations from drummer Uli, who did a very good job in Catch the Rainbow, a tribute.

Crimson rider, back to my life, wounds, i'm not afraid ... impressive. I had to bought it ...
This edition is somewhat special, coming with 7-songs bonus disc :-)

10/10 indispensable, I am the baron of the sky!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Nikki Sixx - Life is beautiful ... watch the video ... same feelin' than if i die tomorrow
UDO - Tears of the clown, Vendetta, Borderline
Masterplan - Crimson rider, I am not afraid, Wounds, Back to my life
Megadeth - Washington is next
Scorpions - Humanity, We were born to fly, the future never dies, Love is war
Magnum - You'll never sleep, When we were younger, inside your head, Your lies
Saxon - If i was you
Paul Stanley - Live to win
Pride of Lions - Defying gravity, gone

LA Guns - Magdalaine, City of Angels, One more reason, One way ticket, It's over now, Over the edge
Manowar - Return of the warlord, Swords in the wind
UDO - 2 Faced women
Bob Catley - Dreams, the pain, Tender is the night, Scream, Wraigth of the rings
Blitzkrieg - blitzkrieg
Magnum - On a storytellers night, how far jerusalem, before first light ...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ghost of a Rose

I love japanese records and more when they are a real bargain...

I love Ritchie as a guitar player, I have all Rainbow LPs and other several records, and with his new band teaming with nicest Candice voice you cant help but finding 3 or 4 songs really awesome in each record.

Way to Mandalay and record title are here the best ones, and also quite interesting is Joan Baez's Diamond and Rust.

9/10 nice to have

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

World service

I would have never paid attention to this one if it was not because Brian Tatler played in it... his name appears only as songwriter and I do not know how much he'd played. There is one song that's worth the record Red sun blue moon, the rest is not bad but is not good, so this one I would recommend only to DH fans as me...

Although you can enjoy the listening as well.

7/10 dh fans only

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A time of changes

I really need to dig in carefully within these two. First time of changes was the record who make their print in NWOBHM.

Second record (phase I) is a nicest 2CD compilation.

Blitzkrieg is the name of the song, same of the band which represents typical HM NWOBHM feeling.

You can say the same with Holocaust's HM Mania, DH's Helpless, PM Cheated, Grim Reaper's See you in Hell, Witchfynde's Give 'em Hell, Angel Witch's Angel Witch ... songs with attitude ... and as long the attitude's in there, and as well songwriting skills you have these immortal ones (free radio of course :-) )

Still to make a proper listening...

8/10 great to have

Sunday, March 18, 2007

loose worth songs II

return of the warlord from manowar' louder than hell. this song is just outstanding and it really means heavy metal, heavy and melodic, with great solos, great riffs and great songwriting.

swords in the wind again from manowar' warriors of the world. great ballad, invoking god of war odin. truly epic and very nice, with power.
now you can see that eric not only can sing, but he does really well, and composition is not a weak point in this song. vikings days are pictured in this one.

i'm not afraid from masterplan' aeronautics. i liked the record the first time i heard it. but after a second listening i got haunted, specially by 4 tracks, one of these is this one. i can't get enough of this one. haunting chorus and powerful lyrics. a monster.

astronomo from barilari selft titled record. this is a cover from rainbow's stargazer. lyrics in spanish. but it is a real good damned tribute, since rata blanca sounds like rainbow. cool.

tears of the dragons tears of the dragons from jr blackmore's between darkness and light. this is actually a great discovery. i really did not imagine he could sound as well as his father. he deserves recogntion for this record. a great one

nobody's fool from cinderella's night songs has been to this day the only song i liked from this record. again it is not a ballad but a mid tempo with energy and obsessive rythm. this is an old one, but i song i can get enough of. just this one. fortunately, cinderella has better records :)

no stranger to love from tony iommi 7th star record. great solo, great riffs from tony and majestic voice from glenn hughes. another song i can't get enough of. black sabbath talkin' about love? commercial? who cares, as long as the song rocks!

dreamer from ozzy's down to earth. strange, somehow i relate this record to rainbow's, but had nothing yo do. ozzy is not a singer that i love. few songs are able to impress me. this one is a mellow ballad which i find quite interesting

shot in the dark from ozzy's ultimate sin is the greatest song he has ever done, singing in the right key ... i mean, the version megadeth did of paranoid sounded a million times better. but this song is just hypnothic for me, it has more to do with the rythm than the melody, but anyway, the song is awesome. it was the first song that made me re-think my wrong concept of ozzy. :-)

julia (acoustic version) from axxis. somehow obsessed by this song, a peaceful acoustic very melodic. melancholic piano & acoustic ballad. very nice.

the last note of freedom is a song for david coverdale. the song was written, he went and sang. the song is great, the solos are brilliant, and david's voice just fits like a glove, a very nice discovering from the past thanks to internet.

Monday, March 05, 2007

No parole from RNR

I guess this is another very underrated record ... :-(
One of the best voices of the heavy metal scene in the 80s. Ccolorful & powerful. Did I say I have the japanese record? :-)
But not only the voice from Graham Bonnet shines, but all together: composition, guitars (Yngwie Malmsteen) & arrangements: all the band
too young to die, too drunk to live , island in the sun, general hospital, jet to jet, starcarr lane (which I never understood what was for ...) the ballad suffer me, and the superb Hiroshima, mon amour, a song which expreses the no-more-wars feeling. Truly impressive.
The voice is heavy and it has a wide range as Rob Halford's, but i would say even more acute. Not as majestic as Ronnie James Dio, but great and powerful. In my opinion Graham Bonnet deserves to be in this elite of the greatest singers.
The guitar sounds as thunder but with feeling and melody. I've heard that this was the best work from Mr. Bonnet, well it may be true, since it is a fantastic work... I can only recommend it :-)

10/10 indispensable

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Agent provocateur

I will fight tooth and nail, count on me i will not fail you ...
we can't be strangers, you mean too much to me ...

Rocks!. Yes, it was the foreigner factor ;-)
Often accused as Journey ... too many ballads...
Tooth and nail, that was yesterday, the famous I want to know what love is -I guess everybody knows, but me, I had to buy this record to know it :-S-, a love in vain, 2 different worlds ...
They knew how to rock, and to be softer, Foreigner deserves a place in the kingdom of heart breaker ballads, power ballads and medium tempos. They are the ones who can dispute Journey the highest place in AOR
Agent provocateur and 4 are the best records from this band, but in the others you still will find four or five great songs per record.
This one I got as a gift from my girlfriend (love & kisses), and it was a great surprise :-)

9/10 a must buy

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Heaven and Hell

I did never like Black Sabbath. Until i knew that Ronnie James Dio played too. Then I bought this record, because a friend of mine told me: "you're gonna like it". "Sure?" I answered, "Not a doubt" he replied.
It only has 8 songs and there was no f**ckin' booklet, just the words:

The world is full of kings and queens
Who blind your eyes and steal your dreams
It's heaven and hell

Which later I recognized in the title track. The album is a monstruous achievement. 4 awesome outstanding songs:
heaven and hell, neon knights, children of the sea and die young, maybe my favourite, but it is hard to tell.
The other ones are good ones, but these four are known to every metal head proud to be.

The riffs came from Tony Iommi, but they seem to be out from hell, Ronnie James Dio's voice was majestic and powerful, and composition and lyrics just fit in.

10/10 brilliant.Timeless.

Friday, March 02, 2007

a tale that wasn't right

Here I stand all alone
Have my mind turned to stone
Have my heart filled up with ice
To avoid it's breakin' twice

Thank to you, my dear old friend
But you can't help, this is the end
Of a tale that wasn't right
I won't have no sleep tonight

In my heart, in my soul
I really hate to pay this toll
Should be strong, young and bold
But the only thing I feel is pain

It's alright, we'll stay friends
Trustin' in my confidence
And let's say it's just alright
You won't sleep alone tonight

With my heart, with my soul
Some guys cry you bought and sold
They've been strong, young and bold
And they say, play this song again

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Tower

This is a great record. And the japanese version that I have, makes more even happier since it has the bootleg extra cd, Live at the Gods. This is a nice way to make a record not great, but outstanding.
The first time I heard Bob singing in Storyteller's I saw a great singer. When I saw Once and future king, I saw in Gary a great composer.
Then, 2+2 makes a great record. Gary composes and plays, Bob sings. Though the record seems a solo work 'a la Rod Stewart', the band is behind, giving quality to the record. so Vinny Burns, Gary Hughes and Bob Catley are the artists who make worth your money for this release.
Dreams and Scream are my instant favourites, but all the songs should have honourable mention, since it is a very complete record. The addition of the bonus record, makes added value to my collection :-)

10/10 brilliant

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Misplaced childhood

The first record they made gave 2 instant classics. but this one, the 3rd one, made them famous worldwide. Do you know how many baby girls were named Kayleigh due to one song of this record?? If this does not have the power of music, nothing has ...

Kayleigh, lavender are amongst the best songs in the record, but the whole record is really brilliant: pseudo silk kimono (I would like to know where the hell they got these titles, but Script for a jester's tear is some), heart of Lothian ...
This record (again 2cd -live + demo bonus included) put Marillion into map.
9/10 brilliant

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Another one that I can't remember ... but for one song, that maybe, maybe is the best song Marillion ever made, and made a bunch of good damn ones.
This song is The great escape. This song really justifies an average record ... few songs can make it ...

Just when I thought I’d seen the last of you
You come here scratchin’ at my door
Your pain and anger’s in the howling dark
Of every corridor I walk

So tell me more about the love that you rejected
Tell me more about the trust you disrespected
I still don’t know, why did you hurt the very one
Why did you hurt the very one that you should have protected?

Again I have the 2cd edition, though I really have not remember listening to the second one ... I think it is cool ..

7/10 nice to have

Monday, February 26, 2007

Holidays in Eden

This is not a record I use to listen now... but there are at least 2 really great songs:
Splintering heart, is just incredible, and can't stand why it did not make the best of.
No one can, is the soft ballad every girl dream of ... so accused of syrupy and so on ... don't care ... I like it too.
Waiting to happen, cover my eyes ...

Another great thing of this record is that it is a 2cd record with b-sides & live cool collection.

7/10 nice to have

Sunday, February 25, 2007


8 songs only, just a new version of fly (I prefer the original) which are acoustic remake versions.
The songs are great: Sucker for a pretty face, and I really like both versions, bigger man, kisses stain, promise her the moon, big love ...

It is a kind of ep, since it is too short, but it is really good what is inside, maybe it should have been cheaper, but I did not care buying it, so I am happy.

Nice record, nice booklet too. Also has a video for fly.

But I guess, if this has come as a bonus record from one of his records, it would have been superb.

8/10 nice to have

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm goin' sane

Though I love Eric Martin, I have only few favourites from this one, so I bought it because it was really cheap. It has a punk touch that makes me not liking the record as I would have wanted to.
My disease is the best song of the record, heavy, with the don't care attitude, complaining of everything. Great.
Then the ballad, bigger man, it is incredible, really nice, and everyday, the same but just a bit low in comparison with the first one.
These are the songs that I like most, but only a moment, untouchable, spaceman,goin' sane... are not bad, just not as great.

But another song I really love, it made only the japanese version: fly.

7/10 nice to have

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hey man

Hey man was a bit deception. I expected something better. And there are already 4 songs really good, but after Bump ahead, which each time I hear it I like it more (and I am searching the japanese version)... I wanted something better
Trapped in toyland is just ok for me. The party begins with take cover, a darkened song, whose video, in black and white is really great. Goin' where the wind blows is a great acoustic song too. If that's what it takes is a great mid tempo also. And then my favourite, dancin' right into the flame, an absolute precious and original romantic love song. Simply beautiful.
The rest of songs are just average, really but the songs mentioned are really great, but, I expected a better record (did i say it already?) ... sometimes is better to low expectations ;-)
The line up was great, and above all, I love Eric's voice.

The lyrics are in. Great videos from the songs.

7/10 nice to have

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Smokin Valves

This compilation is somewhat similar to Trespass. 2cd, plenty of good music.
Nearly all Nightcomers record is in there, the debut record and the one which game them fame, basically by the anthem Heavy metal mania. This song is just awesome. Nightcomers, death or glory, smokin valves ... good songs but not as intense as hm mania.

It includes another hit they make them famous, the small hours, which was covered by metallica, so years after, they covered Metallica's Master of puppets. :-)

Once they changed the name to Hologram -for one record-, maintaining the same kind of logo.
total are 26 songs, with a great booklet too. Indispensable for NWOBHM fans. So underrated ...

8/10 great to have. NWOBHM indispensable

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

one of these days

one of these days is a great compilation from different recordings from one band which despite not being lucky, had a great potential.

one of these days and stormchild are songs in which can be appreciated the words i just have said.. This 2cd compilation has several recordings from the songs, for example it has 3 different versions from one of these days, and b-sides, and different recordings. you can not complain when a 2cd record has 33 songs, from different recordings, and a 12-pages booklet with photos and interesting facts :-)

the booklet explains a bit the story so it is ok. if lyrics would have also been there i could not have asked for more
visionary is another favourite from mine.

8/10 great to have, for nwobhm fans

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

eternal infinity

eternal infinity was the solo record from tony o'hora which was done besides the immortal forever in time.
it could have been nearly as huge as this one, since this record is great but it lacks speed. yes, i do like mid tempos, but some times the songs need to be slow, sometimes they need to be fast ... in this one unfortunately i missed speed. the speed which is on over the edge, the best song of the record.
other good songs are hurts like hell, remember my name, never meant to make you cry, voices, end of an era ...

the songwriting is excellent, the tempo is not so right ... :-(

also i miss the japanese cover, which i find it very nice, ala rnr over from kiss. why do they change it for europe/u.s.? ... i find it st***d

8/10 it could have been great-er

Monday, February 19, 2007

waking up the neighbours

2 songs make the disk for me:
thought i'd died and gone to heaven and there will never be another tonight.
for these 2 songs this record is worth having. they have some kind of magic which got me haunted since the beginning, so i did not mind buying

again, as reckless , it is no so cool, but it has great songs. everything i do, do i have to say the words, can't stop this thing we started
not bad depend on me, vanishing all i want is you
mutt lange hand is clearly shown, good stuff signal.

bryan is a good singer and a better compositor, always surrounded by good musicians so the result is at least 2 or 3 great songs per record. hard rock, rnr, whatever, good music :-)

8/10 great to have

Sunday, February 18, 2007


i admit today i would not buy this record ... and not because it does not have cool good songs, but because it does not look so cool in my collection. :-S ... anyway, i do not mean i don't mind in having it -as i have commented about other big hits, mainly- ... and I LIKE IT
run to you, heavem and summer of 69 are great tracks. yes, great tracks.
run to you has a curious lyrics since it talks about infidelity .. not sure in the video if it is for a woman or a guitar :-D

I know her love is true
But it's so damn easy makin' love to you

heaven, though, is the opposite, your long romantic love from ever and ever; summer is to rock
it's only love is a duet with TT ...
so the record is ok, i would say it is still something in between hard rock and just rnr. no big problem there

8/10 nice to have

Saturday, February 17, 2007

skid row

skid row's first opus was one of the first cds i bought. after liking slave to the grind, i was told i would like that one. so i trusted ...
skid row has 3 absolutely great songs: 18 and life, i remember you and the main anthem: youth gone wild
the first one is a powerballad, the second is a less powerballad and the last one is a damn f**ckin' heavy memorable anthem.
you gotta love it :)
i like also sweet little sister and big guns. piece of me and midnight tornado are not bad either...
the rest is forgettable.
it is much more simplistic -compared to the 2nd opus-, but composition is good and vocals are fantastic. they could have been a great group since they had talent and manners, but sadly they separated ...

8/10 nice to have