Tuesday, October 31, 2006


My first contact with this record was in '93 . I just was seduced by this kind of heavy metal/hard rock, and needed to know if Def Leppard were enough good or not to miss a concert in 17 days. I also went with my girlfriend, who just missed the concert of her life due to an examination ... but that is another story ... ;)
I borrowed from a friend Hysteria & Pyromania, and i liked the second one most, though i embraced the two records nearly instantly... 2 weeks ago i've seen a documentary vh1, ultimate albums... and i agreed, this is a truly good record, an ultimate one.
Foolin, comin' under fire, die hard the hunter, stagefright, rock of ages, photograph (dedicated to marilyn), too late for love, billy's got a gun...
Too polished? Hard rock with fury, feelin', composition, hooks, melody, great class, great solos, great production, Mutt pushed the boys to their limit, and they did great enough...
It was the same year than Canterbury, 83 ... I still see the 2 records fabulous, but sometimes, the producer/record companies could make the difference. Luck? Well, you have to be in the place in time, and you never know... Do the records need to get support? well, todaayy, i do not think so, too much money is wasted in marketing ... just make the record, and if it is good, people will buy it, go to a concert ... At least this is my thinking

By the way believe it or not, it is not my favourite from lepps, and i still have some others 10/10 for this band ;-) ... Maybe i like them :-D

10/10 brilliant

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