Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The very first record i bought in cd from Megadeth. Should i say it was also the first collection edition since it was in one pack two records, Youthanasia + Hidden treasures.

This was, I think in '96 or '96. Just heard the soundtrack from last action hero and heard Angry again. It was the first megadeth song that i really really loved. And then i discovered Black Sabbath's cover paranoid, and loved it too... I like also Alice Cooper's version of 'mr nice guy', though I may prefer 'schools out' from HS...

From Youthanasia I discovered A tout le monde -brilliantly sung by the way-, blood of heroes, family tree, train of consequences, i thought i knew it all ... Aso Dave Mustaine was criticised after this work ... Fortunately he did not give a f.. about all of this and has continued making great songs :-D

The cover is also great, well, I would say fantastic, since I think it was very strong at that moment. I think it was banned in some countries... Well, freedom is just a word :-(

Great videos too. :-D

9/10 great to have

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