Sunday, November 19, 2006

thank you

Michael Schenker's first acoustic record... and just guitars.
as far as it reads, it can only be acquired through Michael Schenker directly, but i got it in a shop. And it is not the only one that i've seen. Also says that 1$ is donated to a certain foundation in order children get a better life. Well, this is nice... i wonder how many times i've seen things like this ... :-S
Now to the music. The music is good. very good. Not very long instrumentals in which two guitars, as Michael's logo, cross each other...
I would emphasize postive forward, the first song, and also I like very much peace and faith&trust.
The names of the songs are postive feelings, truth, joy, acceptance and forgiveness, harmony, humbleness, love and kindness, a record to listen peacefully. Really nice, but not to rock ;-)
I also got the version 'thank you with orchestra', a very nice one too.

An instrumental acoustic pleasure for the senses.

9/10 for Schenker fans indispensable, for the rest, enjoyable.

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