Friday, November 17, 2006

heroes, saints & fools

Thanks to God there is internet... If not, I would not have ever known this band, and I would not know one of the 5 records to bring to a desert island...
This incredible record has just one failure. Tooo short. Really, too short. The cover art is not, i would said brilliant, but is the main theme from the main song of the record... Welll, the main song, not, the title track.
Every song is absolutely incredible. Fillers: 0 songs
Crusader... what a shout to introduce the song!, fabulous... a rock crusader, not to forget his memories!
Rock of Ages, has nothing to do with Def Leppard's, well who knows ... ;-)

a dream we can share ... rock you away ... livin' for each day ...
come and stand on the rock of ages with me

No more lonely nights, a rock songs, very catchy, good lyrics too ;-)

Horsemen of the apocalypse, well this song has nothing to envy to real nwobhm riffs, strong and powerful. Heroes is the song that stands from the others because it is a story of a young boy who has to decide from 3 paths (guess which), and the boy chooses right, at least for me ;-)
Dolphin ride is the instrumental song, a very nice one.
Ready to fly has one of the very best guitar solos I've ever heard, I swear!! the song is tremendous...

But the real force of the record is that composition and arrangements are impressive; All the songs are great and catchy, all the instruments and voice stand together in harmony. This belongs to the elite of nwobhm/hard rock/heavy metal.

I have a 'special' version in which there are songs from the Change of heart record never published on cd. Very special mention to seabird, a face in the crowd and meet me at midnight, but even the others would enhance whatever other record easily.

Criminally underrated, never understood why noone talked me about this.

This is beyond any classification, timeless.

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