Saturday, November 25, 2006

Borrowed Time

2nd record from the trilogy from Diamond Head. only 5 new songs... :-(
Am i evil? and Lightning to the nations, again since they were already in their debut record... why? i would never understand it...
anyway 5 new songs:
Borrowed time, In the heat of the night ... I would said metallic roccoco style ... The final solo of in the end of heat of the night is truly memorable... And i saw it live!!! -last year, supporting Megadeth-
Call me, love song, that was the flirting with radio commercial songs ... Who cares! Pretty good. DH signature. Enough said
To heaven from hell, suggestive title ... More into nwobhm rythm than melody, great song anyway.
Don't you ever leave me ... this song i liked most the first time i heard it, it is a lament-like song, it is very good, but probably has become less favorite ... Damned good anyway.

The lyrics seem to get you into a 'lord of the rings'/sci-fi/magic world, ... I would like to have them commented by the authors...

But love deceived me, and in my despair
I recalled the ring once again
Born of Sorrow my cunning revives me,
And I took them with me enchained

On scorched earth return me to be a simple man
I am destined by the gods to walk this land

Lonely moor, sky is grey
Moon acroos the waves
See the steely shafts of light reflect across the bay
Towards the tower

of course, beyond any classification

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