Monday, November 06, 2006

Humanary Stew

A tribute to Alice Cooper.
Well, that's is what i call a kiLler tribute record. Great rock stars paying homage to one of the greatest rock stars on earth. The dirty diamonds tour concert on which I was there :-) was incredible. Alice did not stop at all during the whole concert, and the theater part was incredible...

So, this is under my wheels by Def Leppard, school's out by Megadeth (please understand me, if i say marty friedman and dave mustaine, i mean megadeth's main part), Ronnie James Dio in welcome to my nightmare (impossible to choose a better song), black widow (Iron Maiden, in which bruce gives the intro the atmospherical way), and also we can mention Paul Gilbert, Glenn Hughes, Dokken, LA guns, Dee Snider, Zakk Wilde, Slash, Duff ... and in the rhythm guitar Bob Kulick -one of the mastermind behind this project- ... So if this is not a killer record filled up with stars, what is it?

10/10 shining

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