Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shout at the Devil / The Dirt

The record says it is 1983, but i got the remastered version with 4 bonus tracks. Shout at the devil is the best record from the uniques Mötley Crüe, the most decadent band ever in rock history. Once i thought it was Guns n'Roses which deserved this place, but after reading the dirt, i really doubt it... :-S

I recomend the dirt sincerely, though at first i was sceptical... then i saw it was very well reviewed by the people, so i bought it (guess where? ;-) ) ... Then after the first pages i was so hooked that i could not stop reading...
It is an autobiography about the band (Mick, Nikki, Vince and Tommy), about every member point of view and it is very fascinating to see what was thinking every guy about all that happened to them. Really interesting and worths every cent it can cost you the book. Friends told me what strange things to read? ... well, i've said it a million times, i can't help it, and what i like is always the best :-) ... You do not like it, who cares? :-P

The dirt.
10/10 fascinating reading

To the music: shout, looks that kill, bastard, red hot, helter skelter (beatles cover), danger, 10 seconds to love, the instrumental god save the children of the beast, too young to fall in love (the first song which it really impacted me)
The music is brilliant, catchy (infectious hard rock?) and easy, no great arrangements but raw guitar kerrangs that makes you wanna rock, and i like it :-D

Shout at the devil
9/10 a must buy. a must rock

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