Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cryptic Writings

A polemic one.
Megadeth's 97.
Oh, it is not holy wars, hangar or peace ...
Ok. True. So what?
Do you like the same record always? ok, i understand that the thing that should be the same it is the "style". Well, bands evolve. if you support them that's great, if you hate them, get out, and let the others enjoy... :-)
I particularly enjoyed it. I love the songs from above, but also trust, almost honest, fff, she-wolf, a secret place, use the man ...

It is not exactly the same style, maybe a softer one, but the melody and the feelin' are great. And it has its weak songs, like nearly every record, but it is a great record. It was my first Megadeth concert (great, by the way :-D) and i enjoyed it a lot. Of course i love symphony, a tout le monde, blood of heroes, tornado of souls, but i still recognise this is the same band -and basically it will be as long as Dave Mustaine is dave Mustaine-, and this is the really important thing for me... at least ;-)

There had been loads and reloads of records in which you could not feel the same band :-S , and there was a clear after and before ... Well, let bands evolve, the way they want, it is their right and it should be respected. Just do not support them if you do not like them...

Just one more comment ... I loove the spanish version of trust, in which he sangs in a very acceptable way ... I have to get the remastered cd one of these days.
It is not the only way where mr. Mustaine has demonstrated he's able to sing in other languages. Also check the promises song from The world needs a hero

Fight for freedom, fight authority
Fight for anything, my country tis' of me

9/10 very good.

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