Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Slippery when wet

The last record i bought recently. I wanted the remastered cd. I guess programs like vh1 ultimate albums, make you dig more into it. But at least they make you happy. I found interesting that in 86 even Bon Jovi nearly could not change the cover from their own record, the one which was going to make them famous. How and which power still had record companies... :-(
And just a little common sense ... think! ...
which rocker would have liked
that pink cover ???? :-S :-S
Thank god he managed to change it... :)

It was the first K7 i owned -around '92-, so this is always something special. I knew all the songs nearly by heart. Bon Jovi (Jon) is a fine songwriter and you know that, if you buy a record, you will like at least 3 or 4 songs. With this one you will like 9 or 10 songs ... hmmm ... there are only 10 songs! it should be a good one.
I guess i can not say anything more form this record who is 20 years away ... They could have done a special anniversary collector's edition ... :-) which i would have loved it ...
Livin' on a prayer, i'd die for you, without love, never say goodbye, bad name, wanted doa, raise your hands, let it rock ... Hard rock, let it rock, let it go!!

10/10 brilliant

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