Friday, November 03, 2006


Arrival came in the same package than actual size. Brought by a friend from far away japan. A strange thing which i still can not understand. It was released in japan first, and 6 months later in the rest of the world. Please , someone explain it to me...
napster was rising out, internet filesharing was begining ...
There are people who wear a badge in their eyes, and they
do not want to see ... that fans are expecting a record????
why? why? why!!
Anyway, let's go to the music, the important thing here ;-)
Higher place, all the way, to be alive again, signs of life, the incredibles loved by you & kiss me softly. I am killed by the last ballad, it is so exquisite, such powerful ...
People complained ... too many ballads!! ... again ... who cares!!! as long as the music is goooddd.
I only care about good songs, this blog is to write about the records i proudly own, mostly they are aor/hard rock/ heavy metal/nwobhm ... and they have all one thing in common, they are full of good songs, music that make you feel something inside of you, where your soul can fly and feel freedom ...
Maybe i am an idealist ... Well, my problem, my world ... I love to be like i am, i wouldn't mind to change some things ;-) but i love how i think, and i will not like whatever just because other people listen to it ... Sorry, this is my freedom (again)

9/10 very good record. Nice to have.

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