Saturday, November 11, 2006

The last in Line

Another old one ... i remember i still was studying, and it was a present for Christmas. :-)
It is my favourite from Ronnie James

9 songs, not a weak one. In my opinion, it is stronger than their debut Holy diver, though this one seems to be more appreciated. Ok, I love don't talk to strangers and a rainbow in the dark, but this one is much more melodic & epic...
We rock, a strong rocker initiates the record and then we go to the title track,

we'll know for the first time
if we're evil or divine
we're the last in line

Breathless and I speed at night and strong rockers too, and then we go to the precious middle time one night in the city, a long time favourite of mine (time ago my sister helped me to figure out the lyrics, by the way, why the hell the records do not bring the lyrics!!) a nice story, a nice song ...
Evil eyes and eat your heart out are not so awesome to me, but mistery is better, and finally we arrive to the best way to close the record, with a song in the vein of the timeless gates of Babylon: Egypt, the chains are on, in which the hebrew slaves theme is brought here brilliantly, what a song, incredible. It seems that the cover art is based on, isn't it? Doro made a version in the dio tribute quite good.

10/10 brilliant

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