Sunday, November 12, 2006

lightning to the nations

Brian Tatler, Sean Harris,
Colin Kimberley, Duncan Scott.

These are the four horsemen creators of the finest record in metal history. Do you really understand? the finest record in metal history. No other metal record can top this one.
This is really 'la crème de la crème'. I do not own the LP, but i of course have the CD.

these four guys were the true successors of Led Zeppelin, if originality and no-compromise are counting factors, always trying to be creative and originals, not following any other style. the band was light years ahead from its time. not enough words to describe it.

Lightning To The Nations, The Prince, Sucking My Love, Am I Evil?, Sweet and Innocent, It's Electric, Helpless

every song is a monstruous achievement, but i enhance as favourite, sucking my love, helpless and the sonf that introduced me in nwobhm: am i evil?
even the worst track will enhance any record just to make it worth a listening.

the compilation, on the right also includes, from their singles:

Streets Of Gold, Shoot Out The Lights, Waited Too Long, Play It Loud, Diamond Lights, We Won't Be Back, I Don't Got, It's Electric (remix)

the sentence 'there are more good riffs in your average DH single than in the first four albums of Black Sabbath' is true 100%, at least for me :-D

criminally underrated

beyond any classification, timeless, forever

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