Monday, November 06, 2006

Out of reach

This is interesting. Just 8 songs, but great enough.
Belongs directly to nwobhm, and it is really melodic
favorites: out of reach, dance of the crimson lady pt.1, back inside, do it loud
Main figure lou taylor wrote it all, and the result is really good. We are talking about 20 years ago ... And the music is fresh.

I read that it was a project between Kevin Heybourne and Lou Taylor, but when it was released, the band was Satan with Lou Taylor. I personally still do not find many similarities between Blind Fury and Satan, but i guess i need some more listenings, specially to Satan... ;-)
I would classify it between pomp rock and nwobhm, something in old Praying Mantis vein
i had the LP, but when saw the CD in mint condition as a bargain i did not think twice :-D

8/10 indispensable if you are into nwobhm

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