Monday, November 13, 2006


Interesting record. B-sides and leftovers from Hysteria & Adrenalize sessions. Though i find it as good or even better than the multiplatinum highly acclaimed Hysteria.
Desert song, they said this one was left over because lyrics had not been find for it ... the song is magic, strong... followed by fractured love, again another song that fits 100%, with hypnotical rythms and dark voices.
Action is the cover song, faster, and it is just ok. But 2 steps behind, as acoustic it brings great melodies and nice arrangements.
She's too tough, faster again, it is ok, again... miss you in a heartbeat, again romantic piano ballad, nice.
Only after dark and ride into the sun are not favourites for me but not bad songs either, but the following From the inside, touched me deeply, what a wonderful song!, I guess it was written for Steve... and then Ring of fire, which with the first one are the true gems of the record..
I wanna be your hero, great song too, and as a bonus 2 different versions of the 2 ballads, great

B-sides & leftovers???

Interesting cover too. The logo is darker as it had never been on the other records, always colourful

9/10 brilliant, a long favourite

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