Thursday, November 16, 2006

survivor hits

Well, this one is a greatest hits ...
Eye of the tiger, burning heart, do not need any review ... hard rock classics.
The band did not do anything more? ... Wrong! A few pearls were hidden, since these 2 diamonds really shone very much.
The search is over, is this love, high on you, i can't hold back -I was stuck in this one for a couple of weeks, i found it really perfect (the video was funny, by the way)-, american heartbeat, and the song from karate kid, the moment of truth.
In a universe where Journey and Foreigner were the kings of ballads, the real good ballads, Survivor managed themselves to remain in history with 4 or 5 good records in which there was always a couple of pearls in each, at least.
Not to miss the videos too, some funny enough.

Maybe it is not the best greatest hits I would recommend but I do recommend at least having one of it. One Survivor record is absolutely indispensable in a your precious discography ;-)

9/10 indispensable

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