Friday, November 10, 2006

For a lifetime

Jonathan Cain has been one of my favourite songwriter ever. His name is for me always synonymous of precious melodies and great songs. This can be seen in Esc4p3,Frontiers, Raised on radio, Trial by fire, Arrival Journey discography, Bad english Bad english & Backslash and in Neal Schon's Beyond the thunder.
No matter which record you pick, you will find a high number of songs you will like instantly, instrumentals, ballads -kiss me softly, open arms, faithfully, when i think of you- and rockers -separate ways, message of love, edge of the blade, remember me, ghost in your heart, possession- ...

This record is somewhat interesting since all are songs, piano songs mostly, with orchestration inspired from wedings friends'. So I would say this is a romantic record, in which there is also the instrumental version of the beautiful Open arms.
All songs included here are a feast for your sense, but I particularly like song of calabria, blue nocturne, for a lifetime and china moon...

You can't go wrong with this one for a memorable evening ;-)

10/10 ... perfect for intimate nights

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