Friday, December 29, 2006

walk on water

1995. michael, phil, pete, paul & andy back again. just when i was being into ufo they reunite. and they come to spain but alas! i got ill and i miss the concert, even i had the ticket bought... :-( (cries)...
walk on water is possibly the most expensive record i bought since it was available only as japanese import. was it worthy? well, at first impression ... no!
i did not like it very much after first listenings... i was more into the strangers in the night stuff... time went by and i did more listenings and began to appreciate it was a good record.
favourites are: dreaming of summer (since the begining) and self made man. but later i added venus and pushed to the limit. of course, versions of lights out and doctor doctor did not count, since they were as good as the original ones. stop by a bullet was a strong song too.

the balance, well maybe i was not prepared since the style changed a bit for me... though they were the five horsemen... it will not remain as a favourite record, but some songs shine with their own light

by the way, where were the ufo art covers??

8/10 nice to have

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