Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Starkers in Tokyo

Why I bought this record is a mystery to me ... but I guess this was because Whitesnake is a great group. The price did not helped, but I wanted to make sure the guitars & the voice how they sounded. And they did it pretty good. Sailing ships, the deeper the love, love ain't no stranger, is this love, here I go again sounded really good, even the faster ones as give me all your love tonight.
The new ones was 50/50, Too many tears and Don't fade away were great, but can't go on was a bit boring for me. Anyway the stars in my opinion are don't fade away from restless heart, which is superb and the Deep Purple rendition, soldier of fortune which is absolutely great too.
The record is enjoyable, not to rock, but to relax with great music and great performance too.

9/10 nice to have

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