Friday, December 01, 2006

Best of Witchfynde

Witchfynde. Find the witch? Satanic messages going backwards?? :-D :-D :-D

Another interesting group from nwobhm. Did a first record give 'em hell and was a classic. Try to find it 2 years ago, japanese versions in ebay left you the pocket out of money! The reissue, from this year was more economic. But i had before the best of, a safe collection in which, lyrics did not appear and the booklet was not the nicest you've ever seen ... but 16 songs were the deal.
6 songs out of 7 from give'em hell, in which leaving nadir and give'em hell were the standout tracks. I read in a review that one guy thought Nadir was the name of a girl ;-P, well that was funny ...
Moon magic was a bit commercial, come'on! I can't stand this sh*t ever! if a song may become popular, some people say it is commercial, instead of how good could it be the riff that you can like it instantly. It is one of those songs you can not stop listening, hypnothic. In the stars, stage fright -which gave title to the second record, even more complicated to found than the first one ... :-S -
The third record Cloack and dagger is represented by its title track too, I'd rather go wild, cry wolf, devil's playground...

It is a more than average good heavy metal from early eighties.

8/10 indispensable NWOBHM

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