Monday, December 04, 2006

From the gutter to the stage

The best of Savatage.
Interesting group this one too. First records were heavy metal. But since Gutter Ballet, the band managed to make themselves a name because of the classical music influence.
Gutter Ballet is the first track i heard from this record in which you can see the heavy/classical arrangements. Really impressive. The track before 24 hours ago was interesting but not so much for me.
And its follow up, When the crows are gone I would say it is the perfect example of a power ballad, a mixture soft but heavy, exquisite, with great lyrics too.
Then we go to another favorite, Edge of thorns, and believe, a classic track since it is said the most mentioned song in fan mail ...? but a great one, anyway.
Chance is quite different, since it is a five part harmonized counter point, and it wants to mix the opera moment, something similar maybe to Bohemian Rhapsody to metal. It is dedicated to Chris Oliva, the main guitar from the band who lost his life because of a drunk driver. Main composer Jon Oliva is the soul of the band.
Rock Opera? listen to Mozart and madness, this instrumental is really heavy and with the classical arrangement it sounds fantastic.

A bonus disc with four songs more ... I wonder if it was too expensive to add some more ... :-S

A nice record hits all together, which came also with a patch, a nice bonus :-D
Savatage style is original, from their own, they made their own path, and they succeed.

9/10 a must have.

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