Friday, December 29, 2006


there are good damn songs in this record, but reach the level of lights out or the wild, the willing and the innocent is too much ask for.
let it rain, instant classic. rnr song, nice video too.

Two lovers in a desperate game
She holds him close but their love's in vain
And the married man that you laid
Goes back home to his own charade

we belong to the night, the ballad terri, nice too. back into my life. great again. absolutely precious.

Its another night out on the avenue

Looking for something, something that you knew
And you're wondering where she is
Now there's now there's no more rendezvous

the writer, somethin' else, a cochran cover with its infectious rythm too.
i guess the main theme for the record is broken relationships. the band would begin to have many line up changes ... :-(

the songs are great, the melodies are great and composition is great again, but somehow, outstanding cuts as let it rain or we belong to the night or terri are often underrated. we just tend to remember strangers in the nigth songs ... sadly

9/10 brilliant indeed

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