Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pure Instinct

Scorpions from 1996. It is a great record. The one which turned my faith in the Scorpions, as i only found them a good group but just above the average.
But as Unbreakable in 2004, Pure Instinct is complete. Sadly :-( no songs from this one where in 2004 Unbreakable tour, one of the concerts i remember with great joy.

Wild child opens the album, and as all the songs in this one it is filled with great hooks and melodies. Great start. Also continuing with But the best for you.
Does anyone know is the first mid tempo semi ballad. Very nice one.
Stone in my shoe is maybe the hevier, but not necessarily the best for me, maybe it would be the worst song in the record.
Soul behind the face and Time will call your name are soft mid paced songs, and then we come for the big ballads. When you came into my life. Instant hit which i liked since first listening.
You and i is the other one, and was my by then girlfriend who liked more than i, a great song anyway.

Are you the one was another heart soul ballad as only scorpions know how to do it. I agreed with one friend, long time ago, this was areally nice one. Es la bomba! (Marticorena said :-)

My favorite song maybe is When the river flows, in which i do not know why, but it touches me very deep. :-)

Kiss of borrowed time
is a bonus song which comes in the single when you came into my life.

The Scorpions had their sting back with this one.

10/10 brilliant.

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