Sunday, December 10, 2006

The last temptation

1994. The new record from Alice. Just a look to the cover art... wow, nice!
Could you believe the music is the follow up to Trash or Hey stoopid? ... no ... even better!

The last temptation is a real concept album whose main character Steven deals with the devil, who is trying to capture him for his purposes... (guess who plays the devil!) Based on a Neil Gailman comic, the lyrics follow the comic which follow the music brilliantly.

Not a weak song. Not a real classic one, as Billion dollar babies, School's out or Welcome to my nightmare, but 100% good damm songs, which, without reaching the classic status are worth of a perfect alice cooper record... Perfect hard rock melodic.

You, me
Shake my hand
Last chance, little man
Ain't it grand
It's a bargain, it's a steal
30 pieces of silver
And a deal's a deal
Sign upon the dotted line
I'll be yours and you'll be mine
Nothing's free

Nothing's free, cleansed by fire, you're my temptation, the ballad it's me, bad place alone -in which there is an interesting definition of the characters as explained in the comic, so the music follows-, stolen prayer, and the one who makes the show lost in America.

I also got the comic years later. since i only had part 1 and 3.
To read and listen ... on Halloween ;-)

9/10 great reading for Alice fans

10/10 absolutely brilliant

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