Monday, December 25, 2006


what a cover! one of the best ever. the components of the band with bubbles in the face but michael... this is really to impact. to astonish. and the music? the music is great!
this is the last record to feature the german axeman. it is not as compact as lights out, but it shines.
the intial rocker, only you can rock me it is a classic timeless. ain't no baby and pack it up and go are not special favourites from me, but they seem to please most of fnas, but then we arrive to looking out for no1, a track i really dig in. hot n'ready and cherry are two songs that make the live set, and they are good. but it is the last song, born to lose, that makes me shiver. it is an incredible song, seem to be lost from everyone, since i never heard that made it into a best of or a live set. the song is awesome, a slow lament with the guitar solo, signature of michael. phil's voice never had been better. a truly solid record

they could have been as big as zeppelin. strangers in the night was the proof. it seems somehow that you can reach for what you want, but then become scared... and michael left... it may be strange for us but achieving all you want might not be as easy... :-S

9/10 brilliant

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