Sunday, December 31, 2006

best of both worlds

this is the 2cd best of marillion. it covers the two-singers period, the first one from fish (first cover) and the second one from steve hogarth (second cover)
the two periods have great songs, and all are here, so the compilation is really great. the booklet includes a brief explanation for every song and the records are nicely decorated.

from first period, obviously, script for a jester's tear, one of the best epic songs i've ever heard... , he knows you know, kayleigh -did you know how many girls were named after this one, being the nickname of fish's girlfriend? that is makin' history!!-, lavender, heart of lothian ... all great songs
from the second period, maybe the best song they ever did: the great escape, no one can, the ballad -maybe we would miss here splintering heart-, hooks in you, made again ...

9/10 brilliant compilation

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