Monday, December 11, 2006

A sultan's ransom

... Once i've read this was the finest record in hm ever. Something as absolute timeless except the stupid cover. I agree for the cover, and the quality of what is behind is quite good. It is real good. Not the finest, but good enough.
One of the pearls of nwobhm? well, maybe i would find the self titled debut album more shining, but i really can't deny that this is good enough.
The version i have is a bootleg -try to get the original!!, and advise where- , but nicely packaged with 4 bonus songs and lyrics, but it really lacks great sound inside. Shame! Made by the fans, maybe?
Anyway for the songs i really find outstanding: 1001 nights, forgotten heroes, astral riders and mistress of the forest. The last one, really nice intro. And also it is a record you can listen from begin to end wihtout disliking very much any song.
The imagery is not the same as the first record, even it only last lee payne from original Cloven Hoof line up, and the sound it is clearly not the same but the metal spirit lives on, the music is good and this is what it worthes.

9/10 for nwobhm fans mainly and also heavy metal ones :)

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