Sunday, December 10, 2006

Am i evil? The anthology

Diamond Head is a band i know thanks to the am i evil? song that Metallica -credit to them, they deserve it- have sworn to play it at every gig. and when I heard the original one, I said, listen this is not a good voice but a great one. Sean Harris.
Sucking my love became instantly favorite, despite its 9 minute long, this song is just incredible, a real sonic orgasm ;-) . Great and intense solos. Brian Tatler.
Helpless was another song Metallica used to cover. And I could talk and talk about the songs of my beloved band and I would not be fair or partial, 'cos I love them.
Borrowed Time brought them less raw and more maturity, the songs became maybe more complex. Listen to In the heat of the night solo, it is one of the best ever. Canterbury was one of the first epic records, and as i read it was light years ahead its time. Ishmael, to the devil its due ... Sadly it does not have master track Canterbury. Did it had love songs too? One more night, well, it is not necessary to talk always about drugs, death and whatever all the time!

Led Zeppelin successors?. Absolutely yes. They were creative, innovators and made not good music, but some of the best I can hear anywhere anyhow. They did what they wanted, with no compromise attitude. Sadly the band was poorly managed, so poorly ... And a good manager made some groups to reach stardom in an easier way, and when money is welcomed ... Well, it is true, in other cases, money leads you to destruction, but it is mainly your fault if you are not able to manage your success, I would say you sadly deserve it, I won't name any, but surely you can bring to your mind 2 clear examples ... :-S

Well, this is an anthology of my favourite group.

28 songs, makes a good route around DH career.
Good booklet. 16 pages, with photos & comments from various reporters.
It does not contain the lyrics, as most of them -except if they are japanese - with a nice slipcase.

Just bought it for pleasure since I had all the songs except the acoustic ones, the Acoustic EP.
I had many opportunities to buy it in ebay for a fixed price, and even i have enough DH collections i did not want to buy it. why? i just heard such was my love instead of sucking my love, and can't blame the group but i did not want to keep that one in memory so I just forgot it ;-)

10/10 am i evil? yes i am :-D

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