Saturday, December 23, 2006

force it

after the phenomenon record, which by the way left us 2 outstanding classics, ufo style begins to show with force.
tracks as let it roll, with a magnificient slow solo in the middle of the song, shoot shoot, the classical mother mary, part of any ufo concert, and out in the street which is another favourite of mine, show that ufo is consolidating a star with its own shining light. this kids is another song that can make the live set. amongst the rest, high flyer is a song that deserves as well recognition. it is a solid record which was preparing the path for the immense 1977 lights out.

ufo still were not massive, they would reach that point with the obsession record, in the tour were strangers in the night was recorded. i always think that ufo was about to make it but schenker departure prevented the band from reaching a status few bands are able to get it. maybe they could have matched led zeppelin, but i guess that this would have been too much... but they had all the ingredients for 'the soup' :-)

great cover art by the way, what could it mean? ;-)

9/10 great to have.

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