Thursday, December 21, 2006

holy dio

actually this is the best way of giving the fans what they want. a real tribute record, double one. paying tribute to 'the voice' metal talkin', in elf, rainbow, black sabbath and dio 'the band'
performers are people who love his legacy, and it is the way it should be...
blind guardian, doro, catch the rainbow, gamma ray, hammerfall, stratovarius, axel rudi pell, enola gay, primal fear and yngwie malmsteen are amongst the performers, so quality of the songs is amazing.
booklet is nice with words from all the bands are cds are nice too.
amongst the favourites, heaven and hell, kil the king, egypt, rainbow eyes and don't talk to strangers.
few more words are really needed...

9/10 for attitude and quality obtained. nice to have.

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