Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Elder

Although it is acclaimed as the worst Kiss record, I wouldn't say so. It is clear that it is not a RNR record, but it is not a ballad neither. It is a conceptual, and it is not the best of the conceptuals I've ever seen (The Last Temptation would be the greatest), and it has its shinning moments.
The most memorable tune is a world without heroes. It is a fantastic song which arrives deep within. Under the rose, dark light and just a boy are great songs too. And only you, which has been covered by Doro shines with bright light also. And the opener, the oath is great too.
I do not like mr blackwell, and odyssey and escape from the island are just average, but then the record finishes with I, which is a duet Paul/Gene and it is great too. So, why the worst? Because it is not heavier? Well ...

Strange cover, since it is the first the make up is not in there ...

8/10 nice to have

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