Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper

And this one you have to love it too. Alice Cooper is a legend and this box pays tribute to one of the most charismatics rock stars, and the one which combines to perfection music and theatrics.
4cds. Almost 80 songs. Nice and cool booklet. Is this so hard to understand what fans do we like?

I'm 18, is it my body, ballad of dwight fry, undermy wheels, be my lover, desperado, dead babies, killer, school's out, elected, billion $ babies, muscle of love, teenage lament ... All the songs when this was 'Alice, the band'.
Welcome to my nightmare, only women bleed, department of youth, -oh, Steven's not in here :-( -, I never cry, go to hell, you and me ... from when it was 'Alice, solo'.
Pain, from the inside, see me in the mirror ... These ones belong to his dark part, his songs here were darker and stranger :-S
And finally we go to his second coming: he's back, freedom, poison, only my heart talkin', lost in america, it's me ... And finishes with stolen prayer...
I saw finally last year Alice in concert, and if you missed him, better watch out live at montreaux, and see how your jaws are on the floor.
And I still think Alice has not said his final word, since he has made since this box, Brutal planet, Dragontown, The eyes of alice and Dirty diamonds ... so be prepared for more :-D

10/10 for alice fans.

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