Monday, July 02, 2007


Not only is in records like Middle Earth where you appreciate how good is Gary Hughes as a composer, but being also able to produce 3 impressive hymms within the 4 first songs of this record.
The one dedicated to Elvis 'the pain', to Dracula 'shelter from the night' and to Marilyn 'tender is the night'.
Not only the music is good, but with Gary Hughes you can expect nice&not-easy lyrics but always A1 :-)

These 3 songs rate the record until 9 out of 10 ... the others songs, too late, carpe diem, ... not bad, not as incredible as the others make the lasting point to rate another perfect record from the team Burns-Catley-Hughes

Great songs need great melody, great voice, great punch and great solo, and of course the glue that fits them like a glove.

10/10 excellent

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