Sunday, March 18, 2007

loose worth songs II

return of the warlord from manowar' louder than hell. this song is just outstanding and it really means heavy metal, heavy and melodic, with great solos, great riffs and great songwriting.

swords in the wind again from manowar' warriors of the world. great ballad, invoking god of war odin. truly epic and very nice, with power.
now you can see that eric not only can sing, but he does really well, and composition is not a weak point in this song. vikings days are pictured in this one.

i'm not afraid from masterplan' aeronautics. i liked the record the first time i heard it. but after a second listening i got haunted, specially by 4 tracks, one of these is this one. i can't get enough of this one. haunting chorus and powerful lyrics. a monster.

astronomo from barilari selft titled record. this is a cover from rainbow's stargazer. lyrics in spanish. but it is a real good damned tribute, since rata blanca sounds like rainbow. cool.

tears of the dragons tears of the dragons from jr blackmore's between darkness and light. this is actually a great discovery. i really did not imagine he could sound as well as his father. he deserves recogntion for this record. a great one

nobody's fool from cinderella's night songs has been to this day the only song i liked from this record. again it is not a ballad but a mid tempo with energy and obsessive rythm. this is an old one, but i song i can get enough of. just this one. fortunately, cinderella has better records :)

no stranger to love from tony iommi 7th star record. great solo, great riffs from tony and majestic voice from glenn hughes. another song i can't get enough of. black sabbath talkin' about love? commercial? who cares, as long as the song rocks!

dreamer from ozzy's down to earth. strange, somehow i relate this record to rainbow's, but had nothing yo do. ozzy is not a singer that i love. few songs are able to impress me. this one is a mellow ballad which i find quite interesting

shot in the dark from ozzy's ultimate sin is the greatest song he has ever done, singing in the right key ... i mean, the version megadeth did of paranoid sounded a million times better. but this song is just hypnothic for me, it has more to do with the rythm than the melody, but anyway, the song is awesome. it was the first song that made me re-think my wrong concept of ozzy. :-)

julia (acoustic version) from axxis. somehow obsessed by this song, a peaceful acoustic very melodic. melancholic piano & acoustic ballad. very nice.

the last note of freedom is a song for david coverdale. the song was written, he went and sang. the song is great, the solos are brilliant, and david's voice just fits like a glove, a very nice discovering from the past thanks to internet.

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