Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cocked and Loaded

Second record of LA Guns. Interesting? Yes! Indispensable songs: Magdalaine, never enough, wheels of fire and of course, the ballad of Jayne, the first song that made my girlfriend cry ... I specially love the first two, Magdalaine is obsessive and never enough is really catchy ... Not to mention the funny video they made, with girls in black and white from the 50s getting crazy for the band :-)

These songs justify enough a purchase if not too expensive. Also you can expect a half naked girl with a loaded gun... ouch!
Malaria, showdown, 17 crash ... good songs but not as great as the first above mentioned ...

With Hollywood Vampires the matured a bit more, but I guess, they still are a bit sleazy, and as I always say, as long as they make good songs... who cares!!

8/10 interesting to have

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