Saturday, February 17, 2007

skid row

skid row's first opus was one of the first cds i bought. after liking slave to the grind, i was told i would like that one. so i trusted ...
skid row has 3 absolutely great songs: 18 and life, i remember you and the main anthem: youth gone wild
the first one is a powerballad, the second is a less powerballad and the last one is a damn f**ckin' heavy memorable anthem.
you gotta love it :)
i like also sweet little sister and big guns. piece of me and midnight tornado are not bad either...
the rest is forgettable.
it is much more simplistic -compared to the 2nd opus-, but composition is good and vocals are fantastic. they could have been a great group since they had talent and manners, but sadly they separated ...

8/10 nice to have

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