Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A time of changes

I really need to dig in carefully within these two. First time of changes was the record who make their print in NWOBHM.

Second record (phase I) is a nicest 2CD compilation.

Blitzkrieg is the name of the song, same of the band which represents typical HM NWOBHM feeling.

You can say the same with Holocaust's HM Mania, DH's Helpless, PM Cheated, Grim Reaper's See you in Hell, Witchfynde's Give 'em Hell, Angel Witch's Angel Witch ... songs with attitude ... and as long the attitude's in there, and as well songwriting skills you have these immortal ones (free radio of course :-) )

Still to make a proper listening...

8/10 great to have

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