Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The third record from Diamond Head's essential discography. The one who is less famous. However it is a piece of art. It was said, in fact, they said that they were the true successors from Led Zepp. Big affirmation. For me it is 100% true. They managed to record 3 albums in 5 years (with some singles in between) which have nothing in common but originality & perfection. Well ... :-) ... more in common than this, just we could classify them in different styles, each one the best of them.
Lightning is pure, raw nwobhm -the best record in its style, the nº1 -, borrowed is a mix between nwobhm and hard rock - less raw, more polished -and canterbury, the softer, i would say it is hard rock.
This record is divided between the love songs & the epics ones. It is the mellower from the three, and some people here they thought they were sold... again, typical straight/square mentallity... :-(
Melody, composition, and arrangements even without the original line up (bass & drums) were great. For me a true classic. The song Canterbury is incredible, with the piano and the voice intro, a song which tells a historical story ... wonderful!
I cant understand the people who just criticise any band who add keyboards in their records. they do not listen. They need 2 only guitars... well, i do not mind how the hell is the song as long as it is a good song, though i doubt i could like some styles ..
Enough. Epic ones: Canterbury, fabulous, Ishmael, knight of the swords, the kingmaker, to the devil his due.
Love songs: I need your love, one more night, out of phase, and the first one, makin' music ... I always have loved the easiness of their lyrics and how damn good they are...
A really underrated record. They always tried to be originals, not to repeat themselves, and they really knew how to write songs.

My all-time favourite band. The three records are sacred.

Again, beyond any classification. Classic status

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